Liu Youju was born in Guangdong Province, China in 1955.

Liu Youju studied poetry, calligraphy and painting, and has much experience in culture and art and has established an exceptional capacity in innovative painting. Liu now holds positions, such as the Chairman of the China Painting & Calligraphy Artist Association, the President of the Guangdong International Chinese Institute of Calligraphy, the President of the Guangdong Academy of Chinese Calligraphy, the President of Yangcheng Evening News, and a Guest Professor at the Open University of China, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Nationality University, South China Normal University, the Guangdong College of Chinese Culture, etc.

    the Illusionistic

     since 2014,many paintings are collected by Parliament of the United Kingdom and the British Museum.

      "The language of Liu Youju's art is neither western nor eastern. Instead, they are based on human nature and reveal the latest development orientation of contemporary world art," said John Salles, a famous American art critic, who commented precisely on Liu Youju's illusionistic paintings.


In the age when most people are pursuing physical and material objects, Liu Youju advocates free and independent thinking. The illusionist lines and gorgeous colors are used as best means to express his life understanding and the beauty of human nature.

Since 2014,there have been many works collected by the Milan Brera Academy of Fine Arts,the Contemporary Art Society in Italy,Florence Government,The British Museum and so on.
name:Universe Cultivation
collected by:The British Museum
collected by:cthe Milan Brera Academy of Fine Arts

name:Sunglow Penetration
ollected by Florence Government
name:Autumn Scenery

collected by :the Florence National Academy of Fine Arts of Italy

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Liu youju's  illusionistic paintings

Lei zong yu
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Demolition VS Construction

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