Liu Youju was born in Guangdong Province,China in 1955.

Liu Youju studied poetry, calligraphy and painting, and has much experience in culture and art and has established an exceptional capacity in innovative painting. Liu now holds positions, such as the Chairman of the China Painting & Calligraphy Artist Association, the President of the Guangdong International Chinese Institute of Calligraphy, the President of the Guangdong Academy of Chinese Calligraphy, the President of Yangcheng Evening News, and a Guest Professor at the Open University of China, Beijing Normal University, Beijing Nationality University, South China Normal University, the Guangdong College of Chinese Culture, etc.

Known for confidence, integrity, righteousness, and quick decision-making, Liu Youju sticks with free and independent thinking, perseverance, passion, and his vision. His poetry, calligraphy and paintings are featured by a unique poetic quality and grand atmosphere, humanitarian love, as well as the sense of a warrior. In addition, his calligraphy and paintings also carry the emotional elements of generosity, pursuit of the sublime, and the appeal for justice.

Liu Youju has the courage to make artistic innovations. After a few attempts, he successfully broke away from the shackles of traditional thinking in Chinese paintings. Themed by the greatness of human nature and liberty, his illusionist paintings feature romance and shine

brightly in the art community of the world.

In the age when most people are pursuing physical and material objects, Liu Youju advocates free and independent thinking. The illusionist lines and gorgeous colors are used as best means to express his life understanding and the beauty of human nature.

Because of his revolution in art, Liu Youju's illusionist paintings are popular in both the East and West. In USA and France, his illusionist paintings perfectly match the thinking of people who appreciate them, thus integrating traditional Chinese paintings with Western abstractionism.

His works carry a great humanitarian and innovative spirit, which matches the free thinking he is always in pursuit of.

    "The language of Liu Youju's art is neither western nor eastern. Instead, they are based on human nature and reveal

the latest development orientation of contemporary world art," said John Salles, a famous American art critic, who commented precisely on Liu Youju's illusionistic  paintings.

On March 2014, the Art Gallery in Atlantic City exhibited works of top artists from around the world including Vincent vanm Gogh, Monet, and Picasso. Liu's illusionary painting, Lotus in Autumn, was also exhibited. In December of the same year, his illusionary paintings were exhibited in the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum and his painting Christmas Impression entered the collection of the museum.

In August 2015, The Exhibition of Liu Youju's Illusionism Paintings was held in the Maréchal Hall of the Louvre Museum's Department of Decorative Arts. The exhibition followed his painting exhibition in the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum the previous year.

Invited by the Parliament of the United Kingdom, Liu held solo exhibition in the British Museum. His illusionistic paintings Travel across 1,000 Years and Universe Cultivation were respectively collected by the Parliament of the United Kingdom and the British Museum.

In June 2016, Liu held a solo exhibition and gave a lecture at the Florence National Academy of Fine Arts of Italy. A workshop on his paintings was also held in the headquarters of the Florence.National Academy of Fine Arts. According to the Academy, only five world-class artists have had workshops on their personal works in the Academy since the European Renaissance. Liu Youju is the first artist to have a workshop about him organized while still living.

In July 2016, a Liu Youju art exhibition was held in Florence's Medici Palace.

10 works of Liu Youju, including Colors of Autumn, Imagination and Plateau Scenery, etc. were permanently collected by major academic institutions such as the Florence National Academy of Fine Arts, the Milan Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera, etc.

approaching the artist

approaching the artist

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