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The First Exhibition of Asian Artist in the Highest Palace of Art – Florence Seminar of Liu Youju's

Source:Guangdong International Chinese Institute of Calli

  The littleknown"Kassel Documenta" and "Armory Show" are at the highestlevel of international art exhibitions. No works of any Chinese artist haveever been shown at these exhibitions. The "art event" of a level evenhigher than those is definitely the one held at the Florence Art Academy, thebirthplace of the European Renaissance. Different from what it means in China,the Florence Art Academy refers to the Da Vinci Art Center and "Club ofMasters during the European Renaissance," where the pioneers of theEuropean Renaissance on behalf of Da Vinci just ignited "the fire of therevolution." Over several hundred years, in the memorial hall to theEuropean Renaissance, the work seminars of five world-class art masters wereheld. Over a hundred years, the extinguished light has begun to exhibit theflame of the humankind's art civilization again!

     Fourart pioneers including Da Vinci and Michelangelo had individual works seminarsheld here. The American action art master Jackson Pollock once hoped to holdone here, but his desire wasn't satisfied. A hundred years later, an Asianartist applied to hold an individual works seminar here and his application wasfinally approved. On June 16, 2016, Liu Youju's Individual Works Seminar tookplace.

Theillusionistic paintings initiated by the Chinese Liu Youju finally triggered awhirlwind of art in modern Europe.

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