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Liu Youju: Art will ultimately break regionalism

In the afternoonon June 20, Liu Youju gave a moving and wonderful academic lecture in theComprehensive Teaching Hall of the Florence Academy of Fine Arts.

Liu Youju said meaningfully that"illusionism," instead of being a "magical drawing style uniqueto the East," represents a return of nature of the mind for humankind'sdrawing language. According to him, in "the primary stage ofhumankind," pattern dialogues were used as a supplement to language, whichwas deficient. During the lengthy historical evolution, pattern languagedecreased further and completely upgraded to vocal language. Afterwards, languageand painting were separated.

Liu Youju continued, the "primarypainting" of humankind is the most beautiful, just like "the primaryegg" has the most nutrition, which is a good comparison. Humankind hasentered the "industrial civilization" era from the "agriculturalsociety" and the world has become more complicated. The division amongdifferent countries and different ethnic groups has ultimately led to severecultural and ideological contrasts. The compound type social history ofdevelopment has formed distinctly different values in the end. The valuesbetween Chinese and Western cultures have been opposite to each other for along time, but also got closer at times with the push of intellectual andcultural elites and civilization forces. Both the "European Renaissance"and the "New Culture Movement" in China are different milestones inthe history of human civilization, which have both liberated human nature invarying degrees.

Liu Youju said that at critical historicmoments, delicate changes have happened to the value orientations in Chineseand Western cultures over the past few years. The conflict between Chinese andWestern cultural values has upgraded quietly with the undercurrent simmering.Despite its establishment, the universal civilization order still oftenreceives challenges from "regionalism." The interest groups of"regionalism" always "defend old techniques even in death"with a demagogic slogan “protect national traditional culture."

"Illusionism", above all, aims tobreak the spiritual shackles of "regionalism" while pursuing"the liberation of techniques." The biggest hazard of"regionalism" is not the innovation of techniques, but lies ininterest groups, who under the cover of culture, try to maintain prolonged stabilitydriven by themselves, collectively imagining that it's for the sake of the"nationalism and patriotism."

Liu Youju'slecture lasted only one hour, but was amazing and unusually brilliant,receiving warm applause from teachers and students. Finally, Liu Youju saidhumorously: "I have an academic and ideological communication withteachers and students of the Florence Academy of Fine Arts today in the world'stop palace of art, which can be considered an escape before my return to‘regionalism’".

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