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Integration of the Classic and Contemporary Eras: Liu Youju's Painting Exhibition

Author:zhang gong

The curtain of Rational Return of LiuYouju's Illusionism: Exhibition in Paris has fallen at the Louvre.

On October 18, 2015, invited by BritishParliament All-Party Parliamentary China Group and British Parliament All-PartyBritish Museum Group, famous Chinese artist Liu Youju held the opening ceremonyfor Integration of the Classic and Contemporary Eras: Liu Youju's PaintingExhibition today in the British Museum.

In 1991, under the invitation of theBritish Museum, Chinese famous painter Wu Guanzhong held a solo exhibition inthe British Museum and broke the museum's old convention of never holding anart exhibition for living artists and tradition of only exhibiting ancientcultural relics.

The solo exhibition is another successfulmodel for Chinese and Western cross-cultural communication and transmissionafter Wu Guanzhong. The exhibition will allow the UK and even all of Europe togain new knowledge, new interest, new dialogue and new thought in regards toChinese culture and art and bring about new opportunities for Sino-Englishculture transmission.

In 2014, Liu Youju's illusionisticpaintings were successful at their exhibition in the Richard Nixon PresidentialMuseum. American critic John Salles said, "The language of Liu Youju's artis neither western nor eastern. Instead, they are based on human nature andreveal the latest development orientation of contemporary world art."

On August 28th, 2015, Liu Youju's illusionisticpaintings exhibited in the Louvre Museum of Decorative Arts in Paris.Fashionable elements of Chinese art began to contend with the beauty andfascination in Paris, the City of Romance. David Cameo,the curator of Louvre Museum of Decorative Arts, spoke highly of Liu Youju'sartistic innovative spirit, said that his works are full of strength andinnovation which can move people; they are also a historical combination ofclassic paintings and contemporary art.

Liu Youju believes that his works are fullof charm and not clones of tradition. Subsequently, his illusionistic paintingsare an expression of poetic emotion and calligraphic lines with artisticthoughts and spirit traversing in images. His works are a perfect combinationof the great beauty in humans, society, and nature.

Liu Youju is not only a pure artist butalso a historical inaugurator and propagator for the obedience and innovationof traditional Chinese art. Liu Youju's illusionistic paintings have boldlyreconstructed traditional Chinese art from the view of thoughts, culture, arts,and history and integrated with western art since birth.

His love for the arts comes from anattitude of reexamining Chinese traditional culture in the privacy of histhoughts. Chinese culture is placed in a large view globally by his paintings.Chinese traditional art is given new life and status by Chinese artists,winning the approval of many.

In the past, Chinese art went global withmediocrity and low quality many times. We only saw uncountable cheapcertificates and gilded trophies. Now China's president Xi Jinping advocates"promoting creative conversion and innovation development of the Chinesecivilization" and has brought about new opportunities for Chinese culturaltransmission. To Chinese people, more and more appreciation has been receivedfrom around the world.

The pride and dignity of the Chinesecivilization are not only the ink marks printed on ancestors' record of merits.The tradition and civilization of the past shouldn't be the reason for Chineseartists to be proud. Honor belongs to the past and pride belongs to history.Respect can be won only with action and dignity can be won only withachievements on the big stage in the modern world.

As the symbol and pride of British culture,Shakespeare has been integrated in the bloodline of British culture as much asfood; similarly, it is also necessary for nourishments like Shakespeare to beintegrated in the bloodline of Chinese culture for the realization of the ChineseDream. For world art, it is not only necessary to representShakespeare's classics but also necessary for more renaissance exploitationcharacters to drive the constant progress of contemporary art. Liu Youju'sexhibition for illusionism paintings in the British Museum is a type of newpotential to represent China and popularize Chinese culture platform on a worldstage and a new direction for the UK to assess the value of it in.

What Liu Youju exhibits on the big stage ofwestern countries is not only his paintings but also the charm of acontemporary artist in showing the way in which Chinese artists inherittradition. It also shows the artists' consciousness and obligation to spreadand establish new images of Chinese culture.

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