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Ink Paintings In Our Eyes – Press Conference for Liu Youju's Calligraphy and Painting Exhibition in


ByMeng Fang of Chinese Daily USA in LA – On November 13 and 14, the illusionistink painter Liu Youju from China held a solo exhibition at the Richard NixonPresidential Library and Museum to display 32 calligraphy and paintingmasterpieces. At 11:30 on the morning of November 11, painter Liu Youju andorganizer US-China Investment Foundation held the press conference at 888Seafood Restaurant.

PresidentHe Huijun of the US-China Investment Foundation, Chairman Lu Qiang of theAmerican Federation of Chinese Societies, and guests from the Guangdong YoujuCalligraphy Art Center and the Guangdong Chamber of Commerce of EntrepreneurInvestment & Financing were present at the Press Conference.

LiuYouju, the calligraphy and master painter said, "Invited by China-USInvestment Foundation, I feel it to be a great honor to bring 32 paintings toexhibit in the States. First of all, I wish to express gratitude to theChina-US Investment Foundation, my dear friends, and the relevant parties forhosting the art exhibition for me. My paintings seek to represent a refreshingatmosphere and illustrate the style of an era. John Salles, the famous Americanart critic, said, ‘The painting language of Liu Youju is neither westernnor eastern. Instead, the paintings, based on the human nature, reveal thelatest development orientation of contemporary world art. Chinese critics alsomade some comments, and believe I have taken a new path in combining Westernand Eastern cultural elements. In the future, I will follow this direction andwork hard to generate new painting civilization of human beings."

HeHuijun, the Chairman of China-US Investment Foundation, said, "Today, weare holding the press conference for Liu Youju's Calligraphy & Painting ArtExhibition in the United States in 888 Seafood Restaurant. On November 13 and14, we will showcase the 32 masterpiece paintings of Mr. Liu Youju in theRichard Nixon Presidential Library & Museum. Paintings of Mr. Liu Youju areabstract works of contemporary master artist, which are featured byabstraction, connotation, and enlightenment. The displayed paintings areinvaluable. More importantly, the many journalists present today are witnessingthe outcome of Sino-US cultural exchanges. This exhibition held in the RichardNixon Presidential Library & Museum is a big event to celebrate the 35thanniversary of Sino-US diplomatic relations. We are glad to see our compatriotsin LA visit the art exhibition."

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