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Liu Youju's Illusionistic Paintings Will Be Shown in the Louvre

Author:Zhang Gong ( independent critic and writer)

The Rational Return of Illusionism – Liu Youju ArtExhibition will be held in Maréchal Hall of the Louvre Decoration Art thisAugust 28. It is an art show following his illusionistic painting exhibition inthe Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum last year. The Louvre, theholy palace of human art and history, ranks first among the top three museumsin the world. Over the past centuries, artists whose works are exhibited orcollected in the Louvre will have their names deeply rooted in the worldhistory of fine art.

The Louvre is composed of six halls, such as theAncient Egyptian Art Hall. With the five other halls storing valuable antiques,the Decoration Art Hall is the sole hall exhibiting contemporary art. It hasexhibited works of many artists in the world and Liu Youju is the firstcontemporary Chinese artist to hold a solo exhibition here.

Known for confidence, integrity,righteousness, and quick decision-making, Liu Youju sticks with free andindependent thinking, perseverance, passion, and his vision. His poetry,calligraphy and paintings are featured by a unique poetic quality and grandatmosphere, humanitarian love, as well as the sense of a warrior. Inadditional, his calligraphy and paintings also carry the emotional elements ofgenerosity, pursuit of the sublime, and the appeal for justice.

Liu Youju has the courage to make artisticinnovations. After a few attempts, he successfully broke away from the shacklesof traditional thinking in Chinese paintings. Themed by the greatness of humannature and liberty, his illusionist paintings feature romance and shinebrightly in the world art community.

In Paris, the city of romance, romance notonly refers to the sweet words between lovers, but also merging and integrationof Chinese ink and rice paper with Western paints. On a higher level, itrepresents the rethinking of painters on human nature.

In France, ambition not only refers to thelust of Napoleon to conquer the world. To conquer the world, one needs morethan guns and technology. With a paintbrush in his hand, Liu Youju alsoconquers the Western community of art and begins to look up to it.

Zhao Wuji and Wu Guanzhong have passedaway. Their brilliant lives have left deep and exceptional footprints in theworld art history. However, the illusionist paintings of Liu Youju have left anunforgettable impression in the history of world art.

The illusionist paintings of Liu Youju,after exhibited in Guangzhou, the USA, and Beijing, have aroused ongoingdiscussions in the world art community. And the discussions and appreciation ofhis works are always connected with his life as an artist.

"The language of Liu Youju's art isneither western nor eastern. Instead, they are based on human nature and revealthe latest development orientation of contemporary world art," said JohnSalles, a famous American art critic, who commented precisely on Liu Youju'sillusionistic paintings.

On March 2014, the Art Gallery in AtlanticCity exhibited works of top artists from around the world including Vincent vanGogh, Monet, and Picasso. Liu's illusionary painting, Lotus in Autumn,was also exhibited. In December of the same year, his illusionary paintingswere exhibited in the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum and hispainting Christmas Impression entered the collection of the museum.

The Chinese and overseas media never sparepraise for the illusionistic paintings of Liu Youju and its phenomenon.

In my opinion, Liu Youju is an explorer andpractitioner of Chinese paintings, in particular, contemporary illusionistpaintings because he has changed the stereotypes of Chinese ink paintings. Witha new perspective, and fresh techniques and colors, his paintings arerefreshing. This is why the Western media and critics call him the "masterof modern abstract paintings." He truly deserves the title.

Those following art trends around the worldin 2015 will definitely be excited at the art exhibition of Liu Youju'sillusionist paintings in the Louvre.

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