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Liu Youju's Art Exhibition was held in the Today Art Museum

After holding his illusionist painting artexhibition in the USA in November 2014, his paintings were shown again in theToday Art Museum in Beijing on March 14.

Beijing was the second stop of theexhibition tour of Liu Youju's illusionistic paintings.

Specializing in calligraphy, poetry, ink,and paintings, Liu Youju has reached a new height of contemporary paintingswith his diverse abilities and artistic thinking.

"Born in poverty and starting withmisery." Liu Youju, who came out of the mountains in Lingnan, is anexcellent poet and a successful calligrapher. However, he finally became anexceptional painter, who has stepped onto the path towards illusionisticpaintings. With colors full of the passion of life, he has found the best wayexpress independent and free thinking in the new world of art.

He won most of his honors in 2011 and 2014.Before 2011, he had already become a famous calligrapher in China who was evenrecorded in history books. In 2011, he withdrew from the Chinese CalligraphersAssociation, causing great sensation. In 2014, the community of Chinesepaintings shined because Liu Youju's illusionist paintings attracted great attentionfrom the Western painting sphere. The Western media call him the "the artmaster of contemporary abstract paintings."

On March 2014, the Art Gallery in AtlanticCity exhibited works of top artists from around the world including Vincent vanGogh, Monet, and Picasso. Liu's illusionary painting, Lotus in Autumn, was alsoexhibited. In December of the same year, his illusionary paintings wereexhibited in the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum and his paintingChristmas Impression entered the collection of the museum.

The more than 30 of Liu Youju's paintingsin the exhibition are the best works of which he has painted recently.

More than 500 participants were present atLiu Youju's art exhibition, including Vice Chairman Qin Zhigang of the ChinaFederation of Literary and Art Circles, the former Vice Chairman of the ChineseCalligraphers Association, and famous calligraphers Yu Tianchi, Zhang Biao, andCui Ruzhuo

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